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Green Acres vs. Big Apple?

Posted on March 23, 2012 by Amy Heller | 0 Comments


When we moved from NYC to NJ twelve years ago, we missed the excitement and creativity of the city. We still do.

But we have loved the beauty of the 'burbs. And while we enjoy the daffodils (springing up now and even occasionally deigning to bloom) and the deer (who eat everything except the aforementioned daffodils), the one local phenomenon that never fails to thrill me is the weeping cherry tree in our neighbor's yard. It is the largest cherry tree I have ever seen, easily three stories tall. And when the flowers fall (all too soon) wind carries them into our yard in a snowstorm of petals.

It is almost like living next door to the Grand Canyon or the Alps. But this natural wonder occurs just for a few days every March.

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