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Rabbi Israel Seymour Dresner

Rabbi Israel Seymour Dresner

I have written Milestone blogs about many of my mentors during my 43 years in film, including Don Krim, Grant Munro, Charles Silver, Giulio Scaling...

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Why cinema?

“Cinema is a powerful art form, and we believe that great cinema, like all great art, has the power to transform and illuminate lives. Films have profoundly moved us, taught us about human nature, introduced us to other cultures, and fundamentally changed the way we see the world. We hope that Milestone’s titles will open your eyes, your hearts and your minds.” — Dennis Doros & Amy Heller, founders

“If the history of the cinema, with its screenings and restorations, its retrospective series and home video and streaming releases, is worth anything at all, it’s in the transmission not of a mere story about past influence nor even of documentation of past circumstances but of a direct, firsthand experience with artistic creativity, with original inspiration and its yet unforeseen influence on the future.”

Richard Brody, The New Yorker


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