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Posted on January 31, 2012 by milestonefilms

"The film is exquisitely crafted and structured. The actors may be amateurs but, as Brecht knew, this is not the same as being bad, and there are several terrific performances in Come Back, Africa; performances that are only richer for their volatility. Nkosi and Modisane both appear, as does fellow Drum writer Can Themba. The long shebeen scene, in which only Miriam Makeba’s arrival can end a drunken debate ranging across issues local, national and existential, is among the greatest pieces of cinema I’ve seen."

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SOME COME RUNNING. A review by Glenn Kenny!

Posted on January 29, 2012 by milestonefilms

"....You get the feeling that pretty much everyone involved is acting on behalf of his or her own life. Which of course is the case. And that's even more awe-inspiring, when you think about it, than the film's time-capsule value, which is considerable. Rogosin's individual images of dusty Soweto and the teeming mines are striking and poignant, but the views of the center of workday Johannesburg are the most disarming and, finally, unsettling. The cars, the clothes, all very indicative of a completely up-to-date metropolitan locale. One big movie theater's showing The Prisoner of Zenda, another is showingFiend Without A Face. It's almost nostalgia-inducing, until you remember that this is Johannesburg...apartheid central. And then it hits you that, lack of particular skyscrapers aside, the place doesn't look all that much different than pictures of New York City in the same period. And that's terrifying.

Come Back, Africa plays at New York's Film Forum through February 7. Go see it if you can, and look for the Milestone release in an arthouse near you... Martin Scorsese speaks the truth when he calls this "a heroic film." 

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PopMatters review by Cynthia Fuchs!

Posted on January 28, 2012 by milestonefilms

"Come Back, Africa is both history and legend, about real, ordinary people in extraordinary—and ongoing—circumstances. The film remains complicated, interlacing stories and backstories, revealing at once adversities and strategies of survival."

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Come Back, Africa

Posted on January 27, 2012 by milestonefilms

Louis Proyect Review of COME BACK, AFRICA

Harry Belafonte, Michael Rogosin and Robert Downey Sr on CBA!

Posted on January 27, 2012 by milestonefilms

Listen to Leonard Lopate's wonderful interview with Harry Belafonte, Michael Rogosin and Robert Downey Sr on Come Back, Africa. Click here!

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