D.A. Pennebaker (1925-2019)

We didn't really know Penny and Chris (and Frazer) that well, but we loved seeing them around and working with them on Project Shirley. They were incredibly kind to us and loaned us very rare films he did together with Shirley Clarke. Penny never expected anything in return, but one day, he asked us if we ever ran across "Christopher and Me," a film he worked on in 1960 that Shirley had produced and edited. He was extremely proud because it had the one and only song he ever got published and he got into the songwriter's union with it. He sang "The Little Boat" to all of his children as they were growing up and he wanted to get them copies. We had never heard of the film so he asked us if we could find it. It took two years, but we finally found the Ed Foote family in New Hampshire who produced it and they still had two prints. We put it out on THE MAGIC BOX and his kids all got DVDs. There will be many, many tributes by people who knew him better than we did, but we hope you will love this song as much as we do.